Our highly professional transformer team are experienced in all facets of TX installation and maintenance. We offer everything from a simple oil sample through to full EPCI and ongoing maintenance contracts. So for peace of mind just give us a call.

Our services include:

  • SAMPLING Service – using industry trained staff and our best practice methodology to provide year after year repeatability and reliability of your asset analysis and interpretation.
  • LABORATORY Services – Megavar can manage the full range of laboratory test for you, providing reliable results in a short lead time, so you have the least potential for downtime and can be confident of making decision you can rely on.
  • ONLINE Reporting –  every sample is recorded on a web based reporting system and rated against a Transformer Rating Platform.
  • Oil Handling and management –  cores services of our transformer team are
    • Supply of new oil
    • Filling of transformers
    • Replacement and disposal of old oil
    • Filtration and degassing