SCADA Engineering

Designing, integrating, implementing, testing and commissioning a SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system, DMS (Distribution Management System), TMS (Transmission Management System) or EMS (Energy Management System) can be a complicated project, requiring a large skill-set, knowledge and understanding of the plant to be monitored and controlled; and an understanding of the requirements of the client and their responsibilities to other parties such as their customers, their regulator, or market operator.

Megavar engineers possess a unique expertise, with a fundamental understanding of all primary energy assets, protection and other supporting systems. We have extensive capability in automation and control systems, and their supporting communications and security infrastructure. We offer services to design, integrate, implement, test and commission systems to meet your requirements.

Megavar engineers are highly skilled and boast experience in field and operational environments. Our engineers provide solutions to monitor, control and automate systems in the field utilising RTU’s (Remote Terminal Units), IED’s (Intelligent Electronic Devices), PLC’s (Programmable Logic Controllers) and other field devices, as well as provide solutions to monitor, control, automate and report from a central control room master.

Since the discovery of the first SCADA specific worm in the wild in July this year, SCADA security has been a hot topic within industry. Backed by training at Idaho National Laboratories, our engineers have the experience and expertise to conduct security vulnerability assessments of control systems and provide solutions to minimise your exposure to possible threats. Our engineers utilise the latest tools, technologies and custom applications to perform penetration testing of control system networks, and are experts in implementing security measures utilising firewall, IDS (Intrusion Detection System) and IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) technologies. We can implement systems utilising proprietary or custom devices configured specifically to the protocols used on your control system network.

Our specific areas of experience and expertise include:

Design, integration, implementation, testing and commissioning of field SCADA and automation systems, utilising:

  • GE, Invensys Foxboro and SEL hardware;
  • DNP3.0, IEC-60870-5, Modbus and Conitel protocols;
  • PC based Citect or ClearSCADA HMI (Human Machine Interface);

Design and implementation of LAN (Local Area Network) and WAN (Wide Area Network) architectures utilising:

  • Ethernet, RS-232 and RS-485/RS-422 communications standards;
  • Copper and fibre mediums;
  • Network and communications hardware manufactured by Advantech, Cisco, Hirschmann and RuggedCom;

Design and implementation of computer-based centralised management systems such as a DMS, TMS or EMS and activities including:

  • Data migration from legacy to new systems;
  • Development of reporting tools;
  • Development of automation functions;

Design and implementation of network security measures utilising:

  • Firewall, IDS (Intrusion Detection System) and IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) technologies;
  • Cisco, CheckPoint and custom-built hardware;
  • Configurations tailored to the communications protocols used on your network, such as DNP3.0, IEC-60870-5, Modbus, Conitel and ICCP;

Programming and software development utilising:

  • C/C++, C#, Visual Basic, Java and assembly languages;
  • A variety platforms from simple microcontrollers to systems running Unix based, Linux based or Windows based operating systems.

Database development and management utilising Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL and MySQL DBMS’s (Database Management Systems).