Protection Commissioning

With any new high voltage installation, it is critical to prove the entire system fit for purpose as part of the commissioning phase of the project. Rigorous quality assurance involves functional and relay protection testing and checking of the installation, wiring and settings. Megavar performs protection commissioning for all types and vintages of protection and control apparatus to ensure that trips, alarms and controls function as designed. We establish and document the correct protection settings to form a baseline for future checks and adjustments.

Megavar also provides planned maintenance testing of protection relays and equipment in accordance with manufacturers’ specifications. This is often mandatory as part of equipment warranties and helps ensure longevity and reliability of the system.

Megavar commissions and tests secondary systems including:

  • Protection schemes
  • Automation systems
  • Condition monitoring equipment
  • Wiring systems
  • AC and DC supply systems including backup power supplies.