Project Services

At Megavar we have a wealth of experience in scoping, pricing, scheduling and managing the commissioning phase of high voltage projects. Since its inception in 2004, Megavar has commissioned hundreds of projects and this has given us valuable insights and understanding of the requirements and risks associated with testing and commissioning. This real world experience makes us eminently suitable for the role of commissioning consultants and managers.

An experienced Commissioning Manager will improve the efficiency of a project, save the client money and maintain a high level of confidence from all parties that the project will be a success. There are a number of phases where experienced Megavar staff can assist with the project success and we look forward to offering our skills to discerning clients.

Project Scope Preparation

During the preparation of the Principals Requirements for tendering we are able to assist with the technical writing of the testing scope document, to include the requisite testing, holdpoints, witnessing and test documentation, to ensure the principal’s interests are protected and that appropriate standards and quality objectives are met.

Project Bid Strategy, Pricing and Risk consultancy

As the consultant to companies bidding for a project, we are able to evaluate the Principals Scope requirements to determine risk factors, pricing strategy and items to be excluded from an offer to ensure the best chance of winning the job and making it profitable.

Project Delivery

As the Principals Representative- perform witnessing of testing, documentation and project hold points to determine that the scope objectives are being achieved and that the apparatus is in a fit state for energisation.
As the Contractors Representative- provide an expereinced commissioning manager to attend project meetings, manage the commissioning timeline, administer the inspection and testing documentation and manufacturers manuals to produce the commissioning report. We can also assist with the preparation of subcontractor scopes for specialist tasks.

Project Handover

As the project is winding up it is vital that someone manages the collation of all manufacturers and site test certificates, drawing mark-ups, as installed setting files and manufacturers spares and manuals to close out the project successfully. These need to be signed off and handed to the appropriate principals representatives. Too often this part of a project is mismanaged resulting in poor maintenance documentation being available for the owners staff and a loss of reputation for the contractor who completed the project.