Power Tariff Assessment

Are you the operator of a large commercial or industrial site? You could be paying more than you should for your electricity. You may be able to make significant savings just by changing to an alternative electricity tariff.

All electricity retailers offer a number of options for purchasing electricity:

  • Pay per kilowatt hour (a flat rate based on the volume of electricity you use)
  • Demand based (a lower base rate for electricity plus peak charges for high consumption periods)
  • Time of use (different rates depending on when you use electricity through the day -cheaper rates for off-peak periods)
  • High voltage tariffs (you own your substation and purchase electricity at a much lower rate)
  • Individual contracts (a negotiated, cheaper contract rate for a larger site).

If you are a Demand customer we can look at options for demand control to reduce your costs. By turning off or “time shifting” part of your non-essential load (such as refrigeration) during peak times you can reduce your peak electricity usage, resulting in significant savings.

For larger customers it may be cheaper to own your substation and purchase electricity at a much lower price on a high voltage tariff. Many larger customers are also in a good position to negotiate a cheaper contracted rate with their electricity retailer, which could be a more cost-effective solution.

To find out which option would work best for you, we can analyse your electricity usage volume and patterns, give you a detailed comparison of options, and recommend the most cost-effective option to optimise your electrical setup, minimise operating costs, and ensure you purchase electricity at the lowest possible rate.

Contact us now to find out if electricity tariff analysis could benefit your business by significantly reducing your energy costs.