HV Transformer Testing

Frequency response analysis is the world wide accepted standard test for detecting electrical and mechanical changes of the core and winding assembly of power transformers without costly de-tanking. It is common to perform this test in the factory and then again following delivery to site to determine and compare the transformer frequency response signature.  Megavar engineers use the Omicron FR Analyzer to provide accurate and detailed results for clients including Wilsons Transformers and ABB Transformers.

Transformer and Switchgear High Voltage Testing

Does your high voltage system require extension or upgrade? Whether it be a transformer replacement or installing a new power station or substation, Megavar has the personnel, expertise, and equipment to perform all necessary protection and high voltage testing.

Do you have a high voltage testing and condition monitoring program for your high voltage assets? Have you considered what the direct and indirect costs may be, if a major electrical failure occurs in your HV system? If you answered no or do not know, then perhaps it is time to consider establishing high voltage testing and condition monitoring programs on your critical HV plant. Megavar can assist with the development and scoping of a suitable testing regime, as well as providing all high voltage testing and condition monitoring services.