An effective earth system is a critical element in ensuring the safety and reliability of high voltage installations. Megavar takes earthing performance testing very seriously given the ‘safety of personnel’ component of condition monitoring and preventative maintenance programs. Our earthing testing considers relevant standards such as AS2067, AS4853, AS3435, AS60479, AS3000 and associated guidelines EG-1, EG-0, IEEE80 and IEEE83; and incorporates client specific standards.

Megavar tailors earth system monitoring and maintenance programs to our clients’ needs. We can review third party earthing reports and develop asset management plans for easy incorporation in CAPEX or OPEX programs of work.

We use best practice test methods such as off frequency injection tests including stand alone and earthing system resistance; fall of potential; current distribution; touch, step and hand-to-hand voltages; safety criteria analysis; soil resistivity; visual inspection and continuity.