Moisture content of cellulose insulation is an important parameter for evaluating the condition and longevity of high voltage insulation systems in power transformers, bushings, cables and generators. This can be readily determined using DIRANA to conduct Dielectric Frequency Response testing. The measurement can be performed either in the time domain (Polarization and Depolarization Current [PDC]) or with the frequency method (Frequency Domain Spectroscopy [FDS]), or as one combined method to save time.

DIRANA is generally performed as part of a condition monitoring suite, the integrated analysis algorithm calculates the moisture content in the paper. Influences from the by-products of aging are compensated for, and as a result, you can evaluate the condition of your insulation reliably.


DIRANA can be applied for:

  • Water analysis of oil-paper insulation
  • Capacitance and dissipation factor measurement on power transformers
  • Dissipation factor measurement and determination of ageing on bushings
  • Diagnosis of generator, motor and cable insulation, as well as instrument transformers

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