Clients Engineer

Client’s Engineer is an independent role providing technical due diligence to ensure contractors are adhering to project specifications. Megavar is able to act as your Client's Engineer through the lifespan of your project, adding value by providing a range of services tailored to suit your requirements. As Client’s Engineer, Megavar provides specialist design and engineering support acting on behalf of the client, producing outline designs, supporting the tender process, helping develop documents, reviewing responses and reviewing detailed designs.

Once a design and build contractor is appointed and construction work starts, Megavar provides a range of site supervision, auditing, witnessing and technical checking services.  As Client’s Engineer Megavar may also conduct gap analysis and fill gaps in resources and expertise where required for a particular project. We have a strong record in trouble shooting and assisting clients to get projects back on track when planning, technical or resourcing issues have emerged. Of course, it’s better to engage us before the project starts to ensure everything runs smoothly from the beginning.

In the operational phase Megavar can assist with a wide range of technical audit, monitoring, assessment and review services. Megavar is well placed to ensure you get the best from your contractors and equipment, with extensive power engineering expertise and resources, and quality, safety and environment management systems accredited to ISO 9001, ISO4801 and AS14001.

Megavar’s Client’s Engineer services include:

  • project evaluation, feasibility and planning
  • project supervision and monitoring
  • support for the tender process
  • concept design and engineering
  • design review
  • schedule analysis and optimisation
  • Hazops assessments
  • witness testing
  • auditing and technical checking services
  • optimisation assessments
  • operational and maintenance review
  • cost/ benefit analysis.

Call us to discuss your technical due diligence requirements and how Megavar can assist you to ensure your project is on time, within budget and to the required standard of quality.