Audit and Inspections

Is your HV equipment maintained in good working order (including signage, enclosures and ancillary equipment; as well as transformers, switchgear and other equipment)? Do you have a maintenance/testing program in place for all equipment? Under OH&S legislation, all high voltage equipment needs to be maintained and compliant with standards in force at time of construction. If major changes are subsequently made, current standards will apply.

If high voltage equipment and substations do not comply with standards, and this is known by the asset owner, the asset owner may be held liable in the event of an incident which could have been avoided by upgrading the installation to current standards or industry best practice. Are you meeting your compliance obligations and your duty of care under relevant standards and legislation? If not, you may be exposing your company to serious risk and liability in the event of an incident which causes harm or disrupts electricity supply.

It is critical you meet your responsibilities to ensure your HV equipment is compliant with Australian Standards, with good up-to-date documentation and systems. Please talk to us about how we can assist you to address these gaps.